Government Defense & Intelligence

We Tackle The Difficult Tasks for You

Translating Requirements into Stable, Affordable, Well-Managed Programs

Ausley’s fusion of expertise and functional experience allows us to provide innovative ways to achieve objectives through teamwork and trust.

Acquisition & Program Management

Ausley puts the right person in the right place at the right time, providing program management solutions for acquisitions, finances, risks, foreign military sales, and tests and evaluations. We are a SME in both aircraft systems and weapons and fluent in the classified realm, with full kill-chain analytics capabilities. Our pool of shared resources across DoD allows us to deploy assets where needed—a synergy that lets Ausley bring you a better answer no matter the mission area.

Systems Engineering

With expertise across a broad range of engineering disciplines and operational experience across a number of command and control aircraft and missions, Ausley delivers proven and credible studies and analyses to both 5th-generation and unmanned programs. Our areas of expertise include advanced programs; technical and engineering; and systems analysis.

Test & Evaluation

In modeling and simulation, Ausley is integral to the United States Air Force (USAF) Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) synthetic training program. Our team of experts manages scenario development and mission execution to ensure the warfighters receive outstanding training. Ausley’s leadership across multiple Navy and joint platforms such as 5th-generation fighter programs (F-35), unmanned groups 1–5 and advanced programs has resulted in smart, cost-effective answers to our partners’ needs.


National defense is transforming to take advantage of new technologies and business practices. Ausley focuses on improving efficiencies and effectiveness while providing a fully-integrated life cycle solution to all logistics challenges. We utilize a cradle-to-grave strategic approach to ensure totally integrated logistics management and support. We provide the right personnel, equipment, supplies and support at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantities.

Life Cycle Management

With our years of NAVAIR acquisition life cycle management experience, including engineering, operations, and logistics, as well as expertise across DoD acquisitions, Ausley can provide life cycle logistics capabilities—whatever the timeframe. We are leaders in the growth of Navy UAS through acquisition of weapons systems. Our information assurance and forensics expertise allows improvement of current systems through efficiencies, while our study and analysis provides earned value through management and budgeting.

Areas of Expertise

  • Unmanned aircraft systems: groups 1–5
  • Advanced programs: requirements and roadmaps, studies and analysis and gap assessments
  • Fifth generation fighter programs: F-22 and F-35
  • Testing, procurement, fielding and support of platforms
  • Advanced avionics systems development and weapon integration
  • DoD architecture and interoperability
  • System safety
  • Airspace integration and Certificate of Airworthiness Waivers (COAs)
  • Safety case development
  • Airworthiness management, test and engineering analysis, aviation safety/airworthiness engineering, executive administration (HQ-9 Global Hawk)