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Data collection

Ausley (as the lead for the Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE)) supported the first simultaneous UAS operations in U.S. airspace with a tethered quadcopter and a fixed wing UAS. This was executed in restricted airspace (R-4006) out of the Webster Outlying Field, Maryland. The purpose of this demonstration was to gather data and demonstrate the ways small UAS can provide affordable, extended range capabilities for agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security.


Ausley is investigating ways to integrate predictive capabilities to our UAS to enhance flight monitoring services for NASA. UAS command and control requires communication between the operator on the ground and the UAS in flight. Ausley’s command and control system, a real-time sensor data dissemination solution, uses a combination of commercial cellular networks, private mesh networks and a cloud-based or local control station to permit operations anywhere. This dramatically lowers costs and increases the capability of guidance and data transmission.

Rapid Response

Ausley uses cutting-edge technologies to deploy UAS in the fight against global health security threats as they present themselves today and evolve tomorrow. We offer unique solutions for the timely delivery of vaccines, blood specimens, tissue samples and emergency medical supplies within austere environments. Our innovative, rapid response technologies can be leveraged to reduce mortality rates in developing countries. Ausley has supported the Department of State and other agencies in developing innovative, rapid responses to combat Ebola breakouts and the spread of the Zika virus.


We focus limited resources wisely and effectively to mitigate worsening situations. We developed a logistics network for a non-governmental organization in Ghana that combined manned and unmanned systems, operations centers, and communications and logistics support networks optimized for rapid, secure delivery of medical supplies and laboratory samples in regions with a precarious transportation infrastructure. We leveraged these concepts in support of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Global Health Challenge in Central and South America.


Ausley provides state and local governments access to an extreme endurance quad rotor, sensor integration and in-field UAS operations across a multitude of mission sets. We have flown in support of precision agriculture in Washington and New York states and provided infrastructure inspections and utility operations in Washington state, California and Maryland. Ausley UAS operations include bird abatement flights, precision agriculture, infrastructure inspections and the design of flight profiles for testing sensors.

Areas of Expertise

  • UAS design and implementation
  • UAS lifecycle configuration and management
  • Aircraft acquisition
  • Engineering management
  • Data collection
  • UAS flight design, execution, and monitoring
  • Command and control systems
  • Global health security risk detection and mitigation
  • Emergency medical supply transport
  • Rapid emergency response
  • Logistics network development
  • Precision agriculture monitoring
  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Utility inspections
  • Airborne sensing, identification and mitigation