Commercial UAV Security Solutions

Intel From the Air

Improving Surveillance, Security and Support

When it comes to identifying security threats, protecting facilities and preventing crime, appropriate air support can be a huge advantage. While helicopters can help support teams on the ground, they are expensive to operate, provide limited access and can take time to deploy. In contrast, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) security drones provide a quicker, more cost-effective and more efficient alternative. From setting up your monitoring system to creating the algorithms needed to quickly identify and respond to threats in your environment, Ausley can help.


Ausley can provide support for many different types of security projects including:

  • Civil security
  • Coastal monitoring
  • Policing illegal activities
  • Natural disaster monitoring
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Facility protection
  • Border patrol
  • Anti-terror operations
  • Traffic surveillance

Improving Data Gathering And Response Times

We make sure the quality, type, and periodicity of data you need matches your specific use case – while improving safety, increasing response times and reducing costs. Imagine the possibilities.