Commercial RMAC

Regional Maritime Awareness Capability (RMAC)

Multi-Domain Awareness System

Ausley is a systems integration partner with the U.S. Navy for the RMAC, a multi-sensor, fully integrated, data acquisition and display system. RMAC combines waterway, airspace and environmental monitoring systems in an open architecture, highly scalable design that can be fielded on inexpensive Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) platforms running Windows operating systems.

Data Gathering and Distribution

The RMAC system receives, integrates, displays, records and distributes data from sensors and systems.

  • Air, surface and subsurface capability
  • Geospatial display of targets and image data
  • Multiple dissimilar data sources (air, surface and specialty radars; camera systems; land- and space-based AIS)
  • Near real-time display
  • Target correlation engine
  • Data archive and replay
  • Temporal and spatial search
  • Extensible sensor inputs and data export
  • GOTS solution with commercial extensions

Compatability and Customization

The RMAC system is compatible with all current monitoring devices and can be customized with multiple components and features.

  • Various sensors
  • Air surveillance radar
  • Surface surveillance radar
  • Thermal cameras
  • Daylight cameras
  • GPS transponders
  • Environmental monitors
  • Furuno S, X Band, ATC and Terma radar
  • USV, ADS-B
  • Multi-lateration systems
  • Automated target detection and decision support
  • Tracking of correlation processing with fuzzy logic
  • Full alarm module
  • Integrated camera systems
  • Full sensor command and control