Commercial Infrastructure Inspections

Better Aerial Data

Lower Costs With Reduced Risk

Ausley now offers both unmanned aerial system (UAS) inspection services and automated flight applications.

  • Our drone imaging and data analytic service experts provide new ways to reduce cost and operational risk while improving efficiency for utility and infrastructure projects of all kinds.
  • Ascent Pro, Ausley’s Automated Inspection App allows your technicians to run consistent drone inspections with the touch of a button.

From monitoring and maintaining transmission line corridors to predicting repair requirements for wind turbine faces, we can help you improve the quality of your service while reducing your costs and risks to worker health.

Mission Planning

Choosing the right components for an unmanned system is an art as much as it is a science. Our team brings decades of UAV flying and configuration experience to every project. Whether you want to fly yourself or have us provide the data acquisition services, we can ensure you get optimal results based on your requirements and budget.


Traditional methods of inspection involving helicopters and spotters can be cumbersome and costly. We work with you to create a custom UAV solution — allowing you to get higher-resolution geo-mapped imagery more frequently and more reliably without increasing costs.

Data Management

As preferred small business contractors running UAV missions for the military, we understand the importance of data security and knows what it takes to collect, store, synthesize and transfer your data safely.


Good data can help you prove you have met your regulatory and due diligence requirements when faced with a lawsuit, evaluation or contract renewal. We can help you gather, store and process data into the format you need for your reports and presentations.


By running the same paths over time and layering the data we can help you detect problems before they are visible to the naked eye. From corrosion on wind turbine joints to changes in dam face surfaces, our UAV imaging technology can revolutionize your ability to manage and maintain your assets.

Automated Flight Applications

Piloted UAV Services

Ausley can provide support for many different types of utility and infrastructure projects, including:

  • Solar installations
  • Wind turbine faces
  • Power lines
  • Roads, tunnels and bridges
  • Cell phone towers
  • Fiber optic cable installations
  • Dams
  • Nuclear facilities

Improving Data Collection and Decision Making

We make sure the quality, type, and periodicity of data you need matches your specific use case – while improving worker safety and reducing costs. Imagine the possibilities.