Commercial Humanitarian Projects

Aerial Solutions

For Monitoring and Relief Services

All around the world drones are changing the ability to monitor situations, respond to disasters, and deliver humanitarian aid to remote areas. From conducting wildlife censuses to aiding in large-scale disaster triage efforts, UAVs can provide safe, fast, and cost-effective solutions for NGOs and governments alike.


Every humanitarian mission is different and it is important to factor in climate, altitude, flight times, payloads, data requirements and more when planning to use an unmanned aerial system (UAS). Our company has been successfully running unmanned operations for almost twenty years and can ensure your mission goes as planned.


UAV aerial monitoring can provide high-resolution data in dangerous and remote areas for a fraction of the cost of other aviation options and with fewer risks.

By layering geo-coded ground data with satellite images, we can create comprehensive models to reveal information and patterns in landscapes not visible to the naked eye.

We can also help you identify where aid is most needed, scan large areas for criminal activity, and assess the effectiveness of humanitarian programs on the ground.

Data Analysis

Our big data analytic solutions can help you get the information you need from your data in the format most helpful for your team. We also understand what it takes to keep data secure as it is stored, analyzed and transferred, so you do not need to worry about important information getting into the wrong hands.


In addition to being able to collect a tremendous amount of data, UAVs are great for delivering much-needed aid to remote areas. Ausley can help with every aspect of your relief efforts, from planning through execution.


Having good metrics can help with fund raising, internal reporting and proving compliance to third-party organizations. We can help you gather the data you need to be successful and convert it into information you can share with funders and decision-makers alike.


Ausley can provide support for many different types of humanitarian projects including:

  • Anti-poaching efforts
  • Population counts
  • Disaster monitoring
  • Aerial mapping and data collection
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Medical supply drops

Improving Information Gathering and Delivery Capabilities in Any Environment

We make sure the quality, type, and periodicity of data you need matches your specific use case – while improving worker safety and reducing costs. Imagine the possibilities.