Commercial Agriculture

Actionable Aerial Intelligence

Intelligence Throughout the Growing Season

Maximizing and protecting the yield of your high value crop is our top priority. We can design, plan and manage the mission to get and analyze the data you need to improve and protect healthy crops in real time throughout the growing cycle.


By understanding your business model and data needs, we can help you select the right UAV system and sensors to create a cost-effective setup that fits your specific goals. We can train your team to manage the system, or provide UAV experts to fly the fields for you.


We can use geo-mapped high-resolution aerial imagery to monitor the soil environment and optimize the inputs your new plantings need to grow.

Growing Season

Assess the health and needs of each tree on your property in real time so you can allocate labor and inputs most efficiently. Aerial imagery can reveal irrigation problems, soil variations, pest and fungal infestations and can help identify distressed plants before they present visual clues you can see on the ground. We also offer bird-abatement services with experienced FAA compliant operators.


Maximize your harvest and profits with predictive yield data and labor management assessments. With increased periodicity and accuracy, you can use aerial data to direct your crews and can assess their effectiveness over time.

Post-Season Harvest Analysis

We can help you identify predictive indicators difficult to see with other tools. Together, we can uncover the management lessons hidden in your big data sets so you can prepare for the next growing season.


Ausley can provide many types of precision agricultural data and services including:

  • Irrigation equipment monitoring
  • Variable rate fertility mapping
  • Vegetation analysis
  • Volume measurements
  • Orthomosaics
  • 3D Modeling and contour mapping
  • Bird abatement services
  • Pest and disease early detection and control
  • Crop scouting
  • Water, irrigation and drainage management
  • Crop stress detection
  • Crop population and harvest maturity
  • Crop status updates (growing stage, yield estimates, etc.)
  • Weed and invasive species control
  • Soil health condition updates
  • Time saving pre-assessment of field tasks

Improving Data Driven Decision Making in the Field

We make sure the quality, type, and periodicity of data you need matches your specific use case – while improving worker safety and reducing costs. Imagine the possibilities.