Ausley Selected to Operate UCA Logistics Program in West Africa

New partnership aims to combat the spread of infectious disease in Ghana

The Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association (MAMA) recently selected Ausley Associates, Inc. as a partner in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases in the Republic of Ghana. Ausley will provide unmanned aircraft systems operations as part of MAMA’s Humanitarian Emergency Logistics Program (HELP).

As announced by the Chief of Staff to Ghana’s President John Dramani Mahama, MAMA-HELP will provide routine and emergency medical care in Ghana through a network of ten regional medical centers. The program will utilize unmanned cargo aircraft (UCA) to distribute critical medical supplies throughout Ghana.

Ausley will provide the operations, logistics, management, airspace coordination, frequency management, flying and scheduling of the UCAs. In addition, Ausley will manage the export of donated materials and medical supplies through the Port of Baltimore and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

“This is the first time the world will witness a large-scale deployment of unmanned systems for humanitarian efforts,” said Ausley President Paul Ausley. “Ausley’s extensive experience in maturing operational concepts and fielding unmanned systems positions us as the best option for operating these systems with MAMA in this groundbreaking effort.”

“As we saw recently following the outbreak of Ebola, the countries of West Africa are susceptible to severe medical emergencies and need MAMA’s HELP to contain them,” said Gavin Brown, executive director of MAMA. “We are committed to working with Ghana officials to ensure their country is in a position to fight and eliminate infectious disease outbreaks in the future.”

MAMA-HELP is supported by a collaboration of businesses and philanthropic, governmental and non-governmental organizations. This partnership with Ghana is the initial proof of concept deployment of MAMA-HELP, and will deploy in Ghana within two to three years.