About Our Culture

Our Culture

We are Committed to Quality in All We Do

The Ausley team was built on the premise that quality trumps quantity. We have drawn employees from the best in both industry and the military to create a proactive, responsive workforce, and our commitment to quality is demonstrated in our history of outstanding performance and partner satisfaction.

Our core company competencies demonstrate our dedication to risk taking, achievement, value and growth and are a reflection of our culture as a whole. At Ausley, we believe in:

  • Integrity and Trust
  • Customer Focus
  • Delivery of Results
  • Risk Taking
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork

Ausley seeks out those with the background, experience and perspective to challenge the status quo while optimizing performance.

While remaining dedicated to the satisfaction of our partners and employees, Ausley also seeks to give back to our community by helping local businesses and nonprofits. Rather than simply paying lip service to the notion of “family,” Ausley strives to demonstrate the ways we can do more, together.