About Ausley

Customer Satisfaction is at the Heart of Ausley’s Business Philosophy

Ausley was established in 1997 as a small, veteran-owned business with the expressed purpose of providing achievable and practical results to our partners in the federal marketplace. Over the years Ausley has built a premier team of experts who provide innovative program and acquisition management support to the Department of Defense in defining, engineering and positioning Navy systems.

Today, Ausley also leverages state-of-the-art military unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) technology to solve commercial sector problems effectively and affordably. From agricultural analysis and planning to infrastructure inspections, security solutions, and humanitarian project planning and management, Ausley utilizes the same rigorous approach and proven methodology that has made us a leader in the field of aerial data collection and analysis for almost two decades.

Our company has built its reputation on the work we have done and on our commitment to our partners. This focus on value and achievement has led to consistent growth, allowing Ausley to provide the knowledge and responsiveness of a consulting firm while remaining committed to establishing and sustaining long-term relationships with our partners.

Ausley believes in capabilities without limitations, in rewarding achievement while encouraging personal growth and in creating value through constant improvement. Ausley believes in the quality of our business model, of our employees, of our work, of our partners. Together, we can do more.